More Saw-whet Owls Delight Visitors to Rushton Woods Preserve

I confess that I thought the words owl and cute never belonged in the same sentence, even though I’d heard the Northern Saw-whet Owl described this way so many times in the office.

Saw-whet in hand
This little Saw-whet Owl was unimaginably docile in-hand.

Well, I’m here to tell you – they are ADORABLE.  But you have to see them in person, feel their incredibly soft feathers, their tiny little bodies, their furry feet, and their huge intelligent eyes.

A few of us shrugged off school-night constraints and were lucky enough to witness several of these little owls being banded at the station last night.

The first owl captured this night was a little male. Lisa prepares to install the tiny band around his ankle.

How lucky we are to have these little creatures gracing us with their presence.

It’s hard to believe, but there are hundreds of them in Willistown right now, and continuing for the next few weeks as they migrate.  They are stopping here to feed before most of them move on.

Blake, our newest intern at the Trust, prepares a young female for release back into the woods.

And the reason they are here is because of all of our undeveloped land.  What a wonderful bonus for this beautiful place.

– Jodi