Attracting Bluebirds to Your Backyard – Spots Left For Wednesday’s Program!

Eastern Bluebird by Jim Strathearn
Eastern Bluebird by Jim Strathearn
Eastern Bluebird feeding young by Adrian Binns
Eastern Bluebird feeding young by Adrian Binns

Spring is in the air and bluebirds are checking out the real estate!

The Trust is starting a nest box program to establish more bird boxes for birds in our program area, especially bluebirds.Monitoring the breeding success of the birds that take up residence in the boxes is just as important as establishing the nestboxes.

Ken Leister, a State Coordinator for The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania, will be speaking at the Trust’s office on Wednesday March 14th, at  6:30pm, to share his 12+ years of experience and expertise in attracting and monitoring bluebirds.

We also need anyone, adults and children, with an interest in doing  backyard science and a passion for birds to help us monitor our bluebird boxes weekly during this spring and summer breeding season.  It’s a great opportunity to see an amazing part of nature you wouldn’t normally see!  Contact me if interested in helping out (

Attracting Bluebirds to Your BackYard
with Ken Leister
March 14, 2012
6:30 pm at 925 Providence Road
Newtown Square
Suggested Donation $10
-Limited Seating-
 To Reserve Your Spot or For More Info

contact Blake Goll at
Eastern Bluebird Babies by Adrian Binns
Eastern Bluebird Babies by Adrian Binns

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  1. Don masemer says:

    Do blue bird build nests in the fall?

    Where do blue birds go in the winter?

    1. wctbirds says:


      This is a response to your comment on my previous blog post about Bluebirds. Bluebirds do not build nests in the fall..The last nest the female builds is possibly the end of July for her third and final brood of the season. Now the bluebirds are simply preparing for fall and helping the young learn to be adults. In winter, bluebirds flock with each other and other birds, like goldfinches, and can be seen near wooded areas and at backyard feeders. Bluebirds rarely go more than 50 miles from their birthplace, so they aren’t migratory. They may use nestboxes in the winter for roosting together to help stay warm, but do not build nests for this. Check out The Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania ( for more info! Another great resource about Bluebirds is “Bluebird: Journal of the North American Bluebird Society” (a subscription)

      Thanks for your interest!

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