Willistown Conservation Trust, located in Willistown Township, Pennsylvania, is committed to preserving the rural beauty of this special part of southern Chester County.

Recognized by Audubon Pennsylvania as a special haven for birds, our beautiful countryside is positively teeming with feathered friends.  This blog has been created to share field notes of our very talented staff and volunteers who are working on bird conservation efforts in Willistown, particularly in our Rushton Woods Preserve.  Rushton is home to our sustainable 6-acre CSA  farm and the bird banding station, which has been in operation since spring of 2010.  In addition to contributing to global bird conservation efforts, bird banding allows us to monitor the birds that are using this special 80 acre preserve during spring and fall migration and during the summer breeding season.

Welcome, and feel free to share your own bird discoveries in the comments section of the blog.  You are also welcome to visit Rushton Woods Preserve to observe bird banding, walk the trails, or check out the farmer’s market!

Click here to go to the Willistown Conservation Trust web site.

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  1. Robert (Pat) Dolan says:

    I am interested in gaining permission to use your recently posted picture of a western meadowlark in my new book, Legend of the Pronghorn.

    1. wctbirds says:

      The meadowlark pictures are not our own. Look at the caption to see the photographer listed. Then you’ll have to contact him for permission.

      Thanks for asking,

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